20-30 Day
Gilgit Baltistan


K2 Base Camp Trek

K2, “mountain of mountains,” referred to by Reinhold Messner in the account of his 1979 ascent of this giant, is 8611 m. high. K2 is located in the heart of the Karakoram Range and can be seen in its entirety from Concordia during the K2 Base Camp Trek.

This sublime pyramid sits at the head of the Godwin Austin Glacier, which unites a second glacier at Concordia to form the mighty Baltoro Glacier. Galen Rowell described Concordia as the “throne room of the mountain Gods” after viewing the exceptional mountain needles ripping open the clouds in the blue expanse from the 5000 m. floor.

Four peaks above 8000 m. sit within a radius of only 21 km. From Concordia, it is honoring this site with the largest concentration of the highest mountains on earth.



The journey to the second-highest mountain in the world begins with an overseas flight to Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. One night is spent in Islamabad to obtain trekking permits, and then it is off to Skardu. Weather permitting, we will fly to Skardu; otherwise, we will travel by road. The mountain flight offers fantastic views.

The plane follows the Indus River Valley and brushes past the ninth highest mountain globally, Nanga Parbat. Looking out the aircraft window, one sees a vast ocean of peaks stretching endlessly into the horizon. This area exemplifies “continents in collision” with four of the world’s most significant mountain ranges (Himalaya, Karakoram, Hindukush, and Pamir) emerging below.

Do not fret if bad weather bars this magnificent plane ride for Skardu’s drive over the famous Karakoram Highway (KKH, the old silk route) is just as spectacular. The drive takes two days with an overnight in Chilas.

Skardu (2500 m.) is the capital of Baltistan and gateway to the high peaks of Northern Pakistan. After purchasing supplies and an overnight rest in Skardu, we will proceed by jeeps as far as the track is passable towards Askolie. Askolie is located at 3300 m. and is the last village before reaching K-2.

Beyond Askolie is a complete wilderness consisting of glaciers spouting the beginnings of rivers with mountain guards of unimaginable heights lining their beds. From Askolie, we begin the walk taking two to three days to reach Paiyu Campsite (3666 m.) situated under the majestic Paiyu Peak (6660 m.) with the tip of 58 km. Long Baltoro Glacier visible in the distance.

The next stage of our journey takes us over the Baltoro Glacier to our destination, Concordia. The walk on the Baltoro provides one with ultimate mountain scenery with such well-known mountains as Masherbrum (7852 m.), Uli Biaho Tower (6190 m.), Trango Towers (6300 m.), the Grand Cathedral (5228 m.), and Muztagh Tower (7273 m.) shooting up from this big highway with thin vertical lines that defy reality. After four to five days, we will reach 4691 m. at Concordia.

Here one is encircled by Marble Peak, K-2 (8611 m.), Broad Peak (8047 m.), Gasherbrum Group, Golden Throne (7312 m.), Chogolisa (7654 m.), and Mitre Peak (6038 m.). Indeed, this is the “Throne room of the mountain gods.” We will spend two to three days at Concordia and then begin our return to Askole via the same route. Upon reaching the lush green fields of Askolie, a walk ends, and a new way of viewing our earthly existence begins.

More about our K2 Base Camp Trek

k2 base camp trek without a guide?

k2 base camp trek without a guide is not possible because there is no hotel after the village of askoli and it will take 8-9 days to reach the k2 base camp.       

And all these 8-9  days and return days we have to stay in tents and 3 times meal which will be provided by Visit in Pakistan.                                                                                                                     

Our experienced professional Licensed guides will provide all necessary information on arrival in Pakistan. We will take care of all the essential documentation to enter this mountain region. Our guides and local staff will cook meals while porters will carry your kit up and down the trail.

The trek is strenuous and demanding, not dangerous. You need to be fully prepared for this trek, and here is some training advice for you to consider. The rewards are spectacular, and you should make sure you are fit and used to hiking long days before considering joining this trek. You will be trekking up to 7 hours per day.

K2 Base Camp Trek  Distance

It takes 8-9 trekking days to get to the K2 base camp trek journey from Askole. K2 base camp trek distance is 90 Kilometers from Askole, the last Human settlement.

Askole is reachable by Jeep from Skardu, it is 8 Hours Drive and the distance is 126 Kilometers.

For the most part, the K2 base camp trek is finished within 21-23 days, it can take longer or more limited relying upon your experience.    Genuine and whole distance of  K2 base camp trek journey: Islamabad to Skardu 638 kilometers, Skardu to Askole 126 Kilometers, Askole to K2 Headquarters 90 Kilometers.

K2 Base Camp Trek difficulty: 

K2 Base Camp Trek is the most popular trek traveling occasion for unfamiliar adventurers that visit in Pakistan.    Including  the exemplary K2 Base Camp Trek

On the K2 Base Camp Trek, you won’t discover any teahouses, at this or other agreeable spots to stay. you cannot hike the K2 BAse Camp Trek independetly. All traveler must be accompanied by a licensed guide.

On this incredible journey, you will go through the majority of your evenings in a tent. There is not really any foundation in transit to K2 Base Camp Trek and that makes this trip an undertaking for the fearless traveler. On the off chance that you need to see, mountains, mountains, and even more mountains, K2 Base Camp Trek is calling you. You should go.

Ideal Time 

The Ideal time / best time   for K2 Base Camp Trek is from June to September


Trip Name                                      K2 Base camp Trek

Altitude                                           5153-m

Range                                              Karakoram

Location                                         Baltoro Baltistan

Ideal Time                                      June-September

Duration                                         21 days

Grade                                              Hard Ideal


Day 1,

Rawalpindi/Islamabad: Hotel, trek briefing. We will have ample time for sightseeing and shopping in colorful old bazaars of Rawalpindi and new Islamabad markets. We may also drive to the enormous modern Faisal Mosque in Islamabad.

Day 2,

Skardu ( 2,500 m 8,200 ft): Hotel, flight. We will be on the most fantastic commercial flight globally, taking us from Islamabad to Skardu. If the weather is bad, we will drive in two days on the famous KKH to Skardu.

Day 3

Askolie (3,300 m 10,800 ft): Camp, jeep drive. It takes about six hours to drive from Skardu to Askolie or near Askolie. The drive through the Braldu Gorge is guaranteed to knock your socks off!

Day 4

Korofong (3,500 m 11,480 ft): Camp, the trek begins. The walk from Askolie to Korofong is comfortable, gentle, and straightforward and can be done in 6 to 8 hours. We cross the snout of the Biafo Glacier on the way. The first sight of the pinnacles of the Paiyu Group is stunning.

Day 5

Bardumal (3,550 m 12,000 ft): Camp, trek, river crossing. We follow the Braldu and the Biaho rivers to a river’s edge campsite. On the way, we have to cross the Domurda River, coming out of Choktoi and Panmah Glaciers. This crossing is done on a ‘garari’ or a bridge upstream. Depending upon the time it takes for the intersection, the walk can take 8 hours or more.

Day 6

Paju (3,666 m 12,024 ft): Camp, trek. This takes about 6 hours of walking and will give us our first sight of the mighty Baltoro Glacier and the Trango and Cathedral Groups. Paju is the last campsite before the Baltoro. Efforts are underway to clear out the pollution. There has also been a recent plantation of many trees in the area. The walk follows the Biaho River to Paju. The campsite is perched high above the valley with excellent views.

Day 7

Paju (3,666 m 12,024 ft): Camp, rest day. Wash up, relax, read, climb on a steep ridge behind the camp, sing and dance with the porters! Depending upon the size of the party, goats or a goat will be sacrificed. The meat will be distributed to the porters as a form of thanksgiving and to bring us good luck on our next day’s walk on the Baltoro.

Day 8

Khoburse (3,800 m 12,460 ft): Camp, trek on Baltoro Glacier. Six to eight hours of walking. It is a tough day as we climb on the Baltoro’s rocky moraines. However, the sight of Baltoro pinnacles and Paiyu Peak is astounding! An earlier alternative campsite is Liligo, but there is no water there. We will cross some gushing streams on the way.

Day 9,

Urdukas (3,950 m 12,960): Camp, Baltoro Glacier. A short 4 hour plus walk on the rocky moraines and ablation valley of the Baltoro. We will cross a couple of icy side glaciers on the way and may have our first sight of Broad Peak and the Gasherbrum. The historical campsite is located on a grassy slope high above the Baltoro. It commands one of the most extreme mountain views in this world. The Duke of Abruzzi prepared the camp at the beginning of this century.

Day 10

Goro (4,300 m 14,100 ft): Camp, Baltoro Glacier. This is a tough day’s walk on the undulating Baltoro. However, the footing becomes easy as the rocks become smaller and smaller as we move up the Baltoro. It takes about 8 hours to get to Goro. We walk right smack up the center moraine of the Baltoro. As Masherbrum emerges on the right, it takes our breath away, and so does Gasherbrum 4 right in front of us. Goro is a cold campsite! It has a great view of the Muztagh Tower.

Day 11

Concordia (4,550 m 14,925 ft): Camp, Baltoro Glacier. An easy 4 hour plus a walk. As we enter the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods and see K2 emerging on our left, we feel that we have arrived at an exceptional place on the planet. For many, it is a lifelong goal and a pilgrimage to come here. A place of superlatives and without any parallels!

Day 12

 Concordia (4,550 m 14,925): Camp, rest, explore base camps. You can sit and watch K2 all day long and sip tea, which many have done and have still not been able to get K2 in their system fully! Or you can go on a whole long day tiring trip to K2 Base Camp (4,800 m.), or go the other way towards the Gasherbrum peaks.

Day 13

Goro (4,300 m 14,100 ft): Camp, Baltoro Glacier. Return to Goro campsite.

Day 14

Urdukas (3,950 m 12,950 ft): Camp, Baltoro Glacier. Return to Urdukas campsite.

Day 15

Paju (3,666 m 12,025 ft): Camp, trek. We return to the Paju campsite, not stopping at Khobrse on the way down. We are now well acclimatized, and then walk down is not as challenging as going up and much quicker.

Day 16

 Julla (3,550 m 11,650 ft): Camp, trek. We stop at Julla, which is the place of crossing the Domurda River. We do not stop at Bardumal on the way down.

Day 17

Korofong (3,500 m 11,480 ft): Camp, trek. We return to Korofong campsite after crossing the Domurda River.

Day 18

Askolie (3,300 m 10,820 ft): Camp, trek. We return to the ‘metropolis’ of Askolie! Well, at least it feels like one after being on the Baltoro.

Day 19

Skardu ( 2,500 m 8,200 ft): Hotel, jeep drive. We return to a hot shower and a warm, comfortable bed!

Day 20

Rawalpindi/Islamabad: Hotel, flight, trek debriefing.

Day 21

Rawalpindi/Islamabad: Extra’ cushion’ day!

Note: Day 21

will be used as a ‘cushion’ day in case of delays in travel due to weather, route change, health, acclimatization issues during the trek, etc

This is a tentative itinerary. For the enjoyment of your trip, a ‘go with the flow’ attitude is necessary. Many factors will influence your trip, such as weather conditions, health, route conditions, etc. Please do not take this itinerary very seriously!

  1. All Airport pick and drop
  2. One-way fare between––Skardu – Islamabad.
  3. Transportation briefing, debriefing, and sightseeing.
  4. Transportation between Islamabad – chilas – Skardu -Askoli–Hushe- Fairy meadow.
  5. Three nights’ Accommodation, the twin bedroom in Islamabad (bed & breakfast)
  6. One night in Chilas Hotel with full board.Two nights in Fairy meadow with the entire board.
  7. Two nights in fairy meadow hut with full board.
  8. Two nights in Tarnishing with full board.
  9. Three nights in Skardu with full board.
  10. Local staff Wages, insurance, food, and equipment.
  11. Low porters to carry trekking foods, member personal to all mentioned places.
  12. Way up 25kg each trekking members.
  13. Way down 25kg each trekking members.
  14. All trekking and base camp foods.
  15. Comfortable members tent, Mess tent, Kitchen tent, toilet tent, table, chairs & kitchen utensils.
  16. Assistance for Reconfirmation of international flight tickets.
  17. All Camping fees, road taxes & bridge crossing fees.
  18. Low Porters pieces of equipment.
  19. Documentation fee
  20. Trekking permit fee
  1. Member international flight tickets
  2. Helicopter emergency rescue fees (refundable after deduction of U$D 500/- if not use, it is now US$15000/-
  3. Members any climbing gears
  4. Member personal insurance
  5. Sleeping bag and all personal expenses such as telephone calls, fax, email charges, liquor or soft drinks,
  6. Room service, gratuities for personal services, items of a purely personal nature
  7. Custom clearing charges (import and export of types of equipment)
  8. Any unforeseen expenses (just like road block extra hotel stay or if members stay more days at Base Camp), then members will be payable according to the numbers of days basses.
  9. Trekking members will come together. If any/some member split during the period, then their extra expenses will be charged according to the average price

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