20-30 Day
Gilgit Baltistan



Nanga Parbat is the lone Himalayan Pinnacle arranged separated from the other 4 in Karakorum, grouped around Concordia, the popular Baltoro Icy mass.

Concordia journey is perhaps the most requesting yet compensating journey on the planet and falling in as the essential point for the four giants  of Karakorum. We drive from Skardu to Askole, the last perpetual town at the head of a jeep street, and visit headquarters of each of the four eight-thousanders in days to follow.

Finishing  first phase of the trip at Hushe across the Ghondoghoro Pass (5,750m), we drive to Gilgit and go onwards to perhaps the most beautiful spots, Pixie Glades, which offers a unique perspective on Nanga Parbat (8125m), the 10th most noteworthy on the planet.

In the wake of visiting Concordia and intersection Ghondoghoro La, a trip to Nanga Parbat’s base camp is a delicate experience. A night in tents or log lodges at Pixie Knolls is a brilliant encounter before getting back to the busting towns with every day occupied routine life. This is an undertaking past your creative mind.


Main highlights

The Concordia Journey starts from the little town of Askole toward the finish of the jeep street from Skardu. Tremendous stone pinnacles, for example, Uli Biaho and the Trangos line the initial segment of the Baltoro Ice sheet and offer an extraordinary interruption from the difficult work of journeying.

The pinnacles develop bigger and bigger, and the perspectives more amazing. However, the best views stand by just for the individuals who can arrive at Concordia. Concordia is a fantastic spot to invest some energy unwinding and take in the considerable measure of the landscape that encompasses you; however, there are possibilities for side outings.

You can visit K2 , Gasherbrum II ,  Gasherbrum I and Broad Peak base  .

Solid adventurers can likewise cross Ghondoghoro La (see our Ghondoghoro La Trip for more information) to arrive at Hushe town in the south, yet the vast majority re-visitation of Askole through the Baltoro Glacial mass once more. This is unquestionably perhaps the best trip on the planet, so don’t leave your experience alone demolished by helpless assistance.


The Five Base trek Journey can be begun from  Askole in the west. The vast majority decide to start from Askole for a couple of reasons: the methodology is longer and gives more opportunity for acclimatisation, and if conditions are bad for intersection the pass, adventurers don’t miss visiting Concordia and the Baltoro Glacial mass.

Likewise, there are numerous extraordinary trips out of the Hushe Valley that can be incredible augmentations to visiting the pass. Gondogoro La is a specialised, demanding journey and is certifiably not a decent decision for a first-time traveller.

Crampons, fixed ropes, and an early morning start should be utilised to cross Ghondoghoro pass, and the adventurer should be fit . Sometimes, precipices or awful climate can preclude a fruitful rising, and anybody intending to travel should know about this.

Notwithstanding, this is perhaps the best trip on the planet, and all the exertion of arriving at the pass is undoubtedly justified, despite all the trouble. We ensure phenomenal planning, and if the climate and course are exact, you will remain on Ghondoghoro La.

K2 is one of the world’s generally notable. At 8,611m (28,251ft), K2 is the world’s second most elevated mountain, one of only 14 eight-thousanders and an individual from the seven-second highest points.

A few varieties accessible, the most famous of which is an essential ‘there-and-back’ course. This course is more uncomplicated as it evades the high pass of Gondogoro La.

It additionally offers greater adaptability as it’s conceivable to take various diversions on the way including to Trango Pinnacles headquarters just as choices to expedite at one or the other K2 or Expansive Pinnacle headquarters, or both.

Nanga Parbat is an amazingly wonderful mountain. They were encircled by rich woods and icy lakes, the mountain towers with huge vertical alleviation over the neighbourhood landscape every which way.

However, don’t allow its excellence to trick you: Nanga Parbat is famously tricky. It was once known as the ‘executioner mountain’ and is the third most risky 8,000m top after Annapurna and K2. Before 1990, Nanga Parbat had an incredible passing pace of 77%, which means summiteers were bound to kick the bucket than endure.

The headquarters’ journey is not even close to scary, as it’s situated at a generally low height for an 8,000m pinnacle and is handily gotten to. It starts at the fantastic Pixie Glades, one of Pakistan’s most well-known vacationer locations, and can be finished as either overnight or two-night journey.



Name five 8,000ers base trek.

Duration:                                                            27 days

Most significant Altitude:                                 5,750 meters

Best Season:                                                          June to August

Trip zone:                                                                Limited

Area:                                                                         Himalaya and Karakoram Ranges

Day 1, Rawalpindi/Islamabad

Lodging, journey instructions. We will possess abundant energy for touring and shopping in Rawalpindi’s bright old bazaars and new Islamabad markets. We may likewise head to the gigantic current Faisal Mosque in Islamabad.

Day 2, Skardu ( 2,500 8,200 ft.)

Inn, flight. We will be on the most fabulous business plane worldwide, taking us from Islamabad to Skardu. On the off chance that the climate is horrendous, we will drive in two days on the popular KKH to Skardu.

Day 3, Askolie (3,300 m 10,825 ft)

Camp, jeep drive. It requires around six hours to drive from Skardu to Askolie or approach Askolie. The drive through the Braldu Canyon is ensured to take your breath away!

Day 4, Korofong (3,500 m 11,480 ft)

Camp, the trip starts. The stroll from Askolie to Korofong is agreeable, delicate straight, and should be possible 6 to 8 hours. We cross the nose of the Biafo Glacial mass in transit. The main sight of the apexes of the Paiyu Gathering is staggering.


Day 5, Bardumal (3,550 m 11,650 ft)

Camp, journey, waterway crossing. We follow the Braldu and the Biaho streams to a waterway’s edge campground. In transit, we need to cross the Domurda Waterway, emerging from Choktoi and Panmah Ice sheets. This intersection is done on a ‘garari’ or an extension upstream. Contingent on the time it takes for the crossing point, the walk can require 8 hours or more.

Day 6, Paiyu (3,666 m 12,025 ft)

Camp, journey. This requires around 6 hours of strolling and will give us our first sight of the powerful Baltoro Ice sheet and the Trango and Basilica Gatherings. Paju is the last camping area before the Baltoro. Endeavors are in progress to get out the contamination, and there has likewise been a new estate of numerous trees in the zone. The walk follows the Biaho Waterway to Paju. The camping area is roosted high over the valley with brilliant perspectives.

Day 7, Paiyu (3,666 m 12,025 ft)

Camp, rest day. Wash up, unwind, read, get on a lofty edge behind the camp, sing, and hit the dance floor with the watchmen! Contingent on the gathering’s size, goats or a goat will be forfeited, and meat will be circulated to the watchmen as a type of thanksgiving and to welcome us best of luck on our following day’s stroll on the Baltoro.

Day 8, Khoburse (3,800 m 12,460 ft)

Camp, journey on Baltoro Ice sheet. Six to eight hours of strolling. It is an intense day as we jump on the Baltoro’s rough moraines, yet seeing Baltoro apexes and Paiyu Pinnacle is bewildering! A prior elective camping area is Liligo, yet there is no water there. We will cross some spouting streams in transit.

Day 9, Urdukas (3,950 m 12,950 ft)

Camp, Baltoro Ice sheet. A short 4 hour, besides, to stroll on the rough moraines and removal valley of the Baltoro. We will cross two or three cold side glacial masses in transit and may have our first sight of Wide Pinnacle and the Gasherbrum. The verifiable campground is situated on a lush incline high over the Baltoro and orders quite possibly the most extraordinary mountain sees in this world. The Duke of Abruzzi arranged the camp toward the start of this century.

Day 10, Goro (4,300 m 14,100 ft)

Camp, Baltoro Glacial mass. This is an intense day’s stroll on the undulating Baltoro. Notwithstanding, the balance turns out to be simple as the stones become more modest and more modest as we climb the Baltoro. It requires around 8 hours to get to Goro. We walk right smack up the middle moraine of the Baltoro. As Masherbrum arises on the right, it blows our mind, thus does Gasherbrum 4 directly before us. Goro is a chilly campground! It has an extraordinary perspective on the Muztagh Pinnacle.


Day 11, Concordia (4,550 m 14,925 ft)


Camp, Baltoro Glacial mass. A simple 4 hours in addition to a walk. As we go into the Royal chamber of the Mountain Divine beings and see K2 arising to our left side, we feel that we have shown up at an excellent put on the planet. For some, it is a long-lasting objective and a journey to come here. A position of exemplifications and with no equals!

Day 12, Concordia (4,550 m 14,925 ft)

Camp, rest, investigate headquarters. You can sit and watch K2 the entire day and taste tea, which many have done have still not had the option to get K2 in their framework completely! Or then again you can go on an entire taxing day tiring outing to K2 Headquarters or go the alternate path towards the Gasherbrum tops.


Day 13 Gashabrum base

Camp, rest, investigate headquarters. You can sit and watch K2 throughout the day and taste tea, which many have done have still not had the option to get K2 in their framework completely! Or then again you can go on an entire difficult day tiring outing to Gashabrum 1 and 2 headquarters.

Day 13 Gashabrum base

Camp, rest, investigate headquarters. You can sit and watch K2 throughout the day and taste tea, which many have done have still not had the option to get K2 in their framework completely! Or on the other hand, you can go on an entire taxing day tiring outing to Gashabrum 1 and 2 headquarters.


Day 14, Ali Camp (5,050 m 16,560 ft)

Camp, journey on Vigne Icy mass. This is done in 6 or more hours. The initial not many hours are troublesome going as we jump on the Vigne Icy mass from the Baltoro. Once on the Vigne, it is a clear tough stroll on a hardened white ice sheet, a huge alleviation from the Baltoro. Ali Camp is shockingly a hotter camp when contrasted with Goro and Concordia. It is situated on a flying creature’s home like a little rough zone over the Vigne. The view peering down towards Concordia and K2 is ground-breaking.

Day 15, Khuspang (4,833 m 15,850 ft)

Leave Ali Camp at 2:00 a.m., cross Gondogoro La (5,700 m.), plunge Gondogoro Icy mass, show up at Hispang campground at 2:00 p.m., a long, extreme day. Amazing! What daily! This is the zenith of the entire excursion. The initial segment of the walk is in obscurity over rocks. As we enter the upper Vigne bowl, we jump on ice and day off. The course has been set for us, and we walk while being wary of precipices. The climb starts around 5:00 a.m. Ropes have been fixed for us. We ought to be on top of the pass before 9:00 a.m. From the beginning, we are helped and helped by the staff. Stated: from Gondogoro La top, there is no other equivalent mountain see on this planet! The drop is more testing and more extreme than the rising. Ropes again have been fixed, and we drop around three pitches with the assistance of ropes. By and by, we are helped at each progression by the staff. Strolling into the rich green Hispang Campground with a running shallow sandy stream resembles going into paradise!


Day 16, Dalsam Dad (4,200 m 13,780 ft)

Camp, journey, Gondogoro Ice sheet. The most testing piece of this leg is the place where we get off the Gondogoro Ice sheet and a little walkway area. For almost the entire way, it is a delicate and lovely stroll to Dalsam Dad. It requires around 4 hours.

Day 17, Saicho (3,400m 11,150 ft)

Camp, journey. We gradually return to civilization as we travel through high towns and summer fields of the individuals from Hushe. There are phenomenal perspectives on K6 and K7 towards our left on this walk. This keeps going for around 4 hours.

Day 18, Saitcho (3,400 m 11,150 ft)

Camp, rest. You can play some volleyball in the core of the Karakorams here!

Day 19, Hushe (2,750 m.)

Camp, journey. We stroll for around 3 hours and have fabulous perspectives on Masherbrum on the right. We have effectively circumnavigated this strong pinnacle! Hushe is a substantially more princely town than Askolie.

Day 20, Skardu (2,500 m 8,200 ft)

Lodging, jeep drive. It requires around 8 hours on the jeep to Skardu from Hushe. In transit, we cross the Shyok Stream close to Khapulu. The sharp rising apexes from the sandy bed of the Shyok is a ground-breaking sight. Let down, crossing the Indus on Humayun Scaffold at its well known and chronicled conversion with the Shyok is likewise a rush.

Day 21, Gilgit/Juglot

Travel from Skardu to Gilgit utilizing Skardu street or utilizing deosai top through astore. 7 to 8 hours we arrived at Karakoram thruway close juglot.

Day 22: DRIVE & Trip TO Pixie Knoll (3300m)

Stop At: Pixie Knolls, Chilas, Gilgit-Baltistan After breakfast, we will begin our excursion towards Pixie Glades. We will move you to Tatu town on 4×4 Jeeps. After the Jeep ride, you will climb for 2-3 hours to arrive at Pixie Glades. Showing up at The Pixie Glades, we will go through the night in agreeable log lodges with wood burners to keep us warm. The Pixie Glades is the ideal spot to relax and loosen up; watch the mists dance past Nanga Parbat, the glacial mass winding through the valley underneath, and investigate the chilly woods encompassing our log lodges. From Pixie Knolls, you can see the most lovely mountain in Pakistan and the 10th most noteworthy mountain internationally, Nanga Parbat. Term: 6 hours Suppers included: • Breakfast • Lunch • Supper Convenience included: Lodges/Outdoors

Day 23: Journey TO Base  (3500m)

Stop At Pixie Glades, Chilas, Gilgit-Baltistan A couple of kilo-meters after Pixie Knolls, a subsequent camping area called Beyal, where it is a lot calmer and has surprisingly better perspectives than the past  Camp. After Beyal, the path gets harder, albeit all the more fulfilling. The way turns into a bone-dry yet amazing scene from high woods, encircled by day office blocks. Span: 6 hours Suppers included: • Breakfast • Lunch • Supper Convenience included: Lodges/Outdoors

Day 24: Journey BACK TO Fairy  Meadow (3300m)

Stop At Pixie Knolls, Chilas, Gilgit-Baltistan after going through the night in the CampCamp, we will Journey back to Pixie Glades. At Pixie Glades, You can fill in your diaries, sketch, paint, rest, or take photos of the Excellent mountain at various times. Dawns, dusks, and full moons are stunning at pixie glades. Span: 6 hours Suppers included: • Breakfast • Lunch • Supper Convenience included: Lodges/Outdoors



Stop At Karakoram Expressway, Gilgit, Gilgit-Baltistan, Abandoning The Pixie Knolls with such countless great recollections. We will head out back to Raikot Extension, where we will stop for lunch before rejoining Karakoram Thruway and proceed with the excursion to Besham. While in transit to Besham, we pass through Chilas and Dassu, going along the Indus waterway on Karakoram Thruway. Besham is a beautiful unassuming community with well-disposed lodgings. There is no Vacation spot here. Hot Showers and a genuine bed to stay in bed around evening time. Span: 9 hours of Suppers included: • Breakfast • Lunch • Supper Convenience included:


Stop At Mushkpuri Top, Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Territory Today, we will Proceed with our Epic Excursion towards Islamabad. We will go through some other socially rich and recorded Towns, Abbot Abad, Hassan Abdal, Haripur, And Taxila. Taxila is a significant archeological site of antiquated India, arranged around 32 km north-west of Islamabad. The root of Taxila as a city returns to c.1000 BCE. A few vestiges at Taxila date to the hour of the Achaemenid Domain in the sixth century BCE. Span: 9 hours Suppers included: • Breakfast • Lunch • Supper Convenience included: Lodging

Day 26: Touring DAY IN ISLAMABAD

Cruise By: A Faisal Mosque, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Area Today, we will investigate Islamabad. Islamabad is a reason constructed City, which was underlying in 1961 as the new capital of Pakistan. It is a rich green city encompassed by Faisal Mosque and Marghala Slopes, and the neighborhood Bazars are the primary fascination. This fascination stays open seven days every week, 24 hours. Parliament House and other noticeable structures must be seen from outside. In the first part of the day, we will visit the Faisal mosque and neighborhood Markets and afterward head toward the Marghala slope in the early evening. Suppers included: • Breakfast • Lunch • Supper Convenience included: Lodging.

Day 27: Flight DAY-FLY BACK HOME

Cruise By: Islamabad Worldwide Air terminal After breakfast, and we will move you to the Air terminal for your trip back home. No dinners are remembered for this day. No convenience is remembered for this day.

  1. All Airport pick and drop
  2. One-way fare between––Skardu – Islamabad.
  3. Transportation briefing, debriefing, and sightseeing.
  4. Transportation between Islamabad – chilas – Skardu -Askoli–Hushe- Fairy meadow.
  5. Three nights’ Accommodation, the twin bedroom in Islamabad (bed & breakfast)
  6. One night in Chilas Hotel with full board.Two nights in Fairy meadow with the entire board.
  7. Two nights in fairy meadow hut with full board.
  8. Two nights in Tarnishing with full board.
  9. Three nights in Skardu with full board.
  10. Local staff Wages, insurance, food, and equipment.
  11. Low porters to carry trekking foods, member personal to all mentioned places.
  12. Way up 25kg each trekking members.
  13. Way down 25kg each trekking members.
  14. All trekking and base camp foods.
  15. Comfortable members tent, Mess tent, Kitchen tent, toilet tent, table, chairs & kitchen utensils.
  16. Assistance for Reconfirmation of international flight tickets.
  17. All Camping fees, road taxes & bridge crossing fees.
  18. Low Porters pieces of equipment.
  19. Documentation fee
  20. Trekking permit fee
  1. Member international flight tickets
  2. Helicopter emergency rescue fees (refundable after deduction of U$D 500/- if not use, it is now US$15000/-
  3. Members any climbing gears
  4. Member personal insurance
  5. Sleeping bag and all personal expenses such as telephone calls, fax, email charges, liquor or soft drinks,
  6. Room service, gratuities for personal services, items of a purely personal nature
  7. Custom clearing charges (import and export of types of equipment)
  8. Any unforeseen expenses (just like road block extra hotel stay or if members stay more days at Base Camp), then members will be payable according to the numbers of days basses.
  9. Trekking members will come together. If any/some member split during the period, then their extra expenses will be charged according to the average price

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