Paju Peak is the superb peaks among the Karakoram Mountains. It’s Base Camp is very closely, as the Payo Camp is often crowded and noisy Restricted a small tree-lined stream


Manglik Sar is a Mountain Located at Shimshal Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The mountain, located in the Karakoram and southernmost part of Pamir mountain ranges, is 6050meters high. It was


The Laila Peak its distinctive spear-like shape sticking out in the sky has attracted trekkers passing by. Laila Peak got attention in 2005, when Fredrik Ericcson and jorgen aamot from


K-7 is one of the spectacular rock and ice mixed peak.  It’s located in Charaksa (Saraksa) of Hushe valley. The base camp for K-7 has an easy access which takes

GASHABRUM II Expedition 2020

Gasherbrum II is the most impressive mountain but achievable mountain described by many climbers. It is very beautiful and the shape looks like K2 Mountain. Gasherbum II lies at the

Gashabrum I

Gasherbrum It is very beautiful peak. It is also known as K5, Hiden Peak and Shining Wall. Among the six Gasherburn Peaks in the Karakoram range Gasherbrum I is the


Nanga Parbat is the second highest mountain of Pakistan and ninth in the world. It has a nick name; Killer Mountain. Nanga Parbat (main peak) has a height of 8126

BROAD PEAK Expedition

Broad Peak Expedition registration is now open for 2020. Broad Peak (8,051 meter) is the world’s 12 highest mountain, which is located next to K2 and Gasherbrum peaks in the Karakoram mountain rang of Pakistan. Broad Peak Expedition is